Even before people walk in the door for their first lesson, they come up with all sorts of objections to why they should not learn how to dance. Trying out something new for the first time is scary. It takes guts to learn a new skill. It is so much easier to put it off. We have heard all the excuses under the sun and they are ALL wrong.

For over 100 years, Arthur Murray dance studios all over the world have been teaching people how to dance. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the lessons we teach are fun, quick and easy so that anyone can learn how to dance in no time!

 1.      “ I’m too busy”

This is the number one reason we hear from old and new students alike. It’s true: life gets in the way sometimes. Between work and family- there are always a hundred reasons not to come in for a dance lesson. We always hear “Next week I’ll come in, there’s too much going on this week.” And then next week turns into next month and then next year. Ten years down the road, you will be wondering why you never learned how to dance.

The great thing about Arthur Murray dance studios is that we are open 6 days a week and we work around your schedule to find the time that is most convenient for you! Our forty five minute lessons are jammed packed with lots of instruction so you get the most out of your valuable time. Plus, dancing is a great way to unwind after a long and hectic day.

2.      “I don’t have a partner”

Trying something new can be really terrifying, especially if you try it alone. Most people feel too intimidated to learn a new skill and will not even consider taking a dance lesson without bringing some back up with them, be it a significant other or a friend. But you absolutely do not need a partner to learn how to dance. This can be something special that is just for you.

Another variation on this same theme that we hear from people is that they have a partner in mind, but the other person does not want to come. And more often than not, once your partner sees how much fun you are having, they will want to learn how to dance too!

3.      “I don’t have any experience dancing” or “I don’t feel prepared”

One common mistake people make is thinking that they need some sort of experience before they even come in for their first dance lesson. They feel that they have to prepare in some way so they do not embarrass themselves on the dance floor. They psych themselves out from coming and get intimidated with everything that they have to learn and they give up before they even start.

We teach all levels and all ages. No experience? Great! You won’t have any bad habits. Our teachers are trained to teach people who have never danced a step in their life. As the great Arthur Murray used to say “If you can walk, you can dance!”

4.      “Everybody is going to be watching me”

New students often believe that everyone is watching them and they are going to look silly or stupid as soon as they step foot on the dance floor. The truth is, the only person who is going to be watching you is your teacher. All the other students will be wrapped up in their own lessons. Your instructor will guide you through the steps and make sure you feel comfortable out on the dance floor. Pretty soon you will want everybody to watch while you show off your sweet moves.

5.      “I have two left feet”

Any new skill is awkward when you first learn it and trust us when we say, everybody has to start somewhere. Even the greatest dancers in the world were awkward when they first started dance lessons.

We are here to accelerate the learning curve so you progress quickly through the awkward phase. Instead of your typical group classes that other studios offer, we keep the momentum going with a triple play of private lessons, group lessons and practice sessions. We recommend that students take their lessons closer together so that they can develop their muscle memory and reinforce what they have been learning from the different sessions.

We can teach anyone to dance. Unless you really do have two anatomical left feet. And even then, we do love a challenge.

6.      “I don’t know what to expect”

People have all sorts of notions about what we do here and many are intimidated by the idea they have built up in their heads. They range from the stereotypical strict ballet teacher ordering students to stand on pointe to wild theatrics like swinging from the chandeliers. Fear no more! Here is your survival guide to your first lesson:

When you first arrive for your dance lesson, you will be greeted by our new student councilor who will go over everything we have to offer and answer any questions you might have. Then we will get you out on the dance floor within the first ten minutes and get you moving with your instructor. Depending on your interest, we will take you through several different dances and show you the basic elements that can be applied to most dances.

You do not need any fancy clothes or special dance shoes. We recommend that our students dress comfortably in clothes that they can move around in and shoes that will stay on while moving. Leave the rest to us.

7.      “My partner is better than me”

Many times we have a student that wants to dance, but they are intimidated by their partner and feel like they have fallen behind. This is totally normal. People learn at different speeds and have different backgrounds. When you come in for your lessons, our instructors will work with each of you individually to help get you up to speed with your partner. Pretty soon, you two will be moving together and tearing up the dance floor!

8.      “I took lessons elsewhere and couldn’t learn”

Too often people are discouraged from dancing because they have had a bad experience or found it difficult to learn at another place. Do not despair; you are not a lost cause. Here at Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we strive for the highest level of professional and comfortable learning experience. Our instructors tailor a custom program for each of our students and center the curriculum on the needs of the individual student. Put your feet in our hands.

9.      “I’m too old, too young, too out of shape, etc”

Repeat after me: Anybody can dance. It does not matter if you think you are too old, too young, too out of shape, too clumsy or any other reason. Dancing is universal. It is one of the most human forms of expression and everyone, not matter what they think their limitations are, can dance.

We teach everyone, from toddlers to seniors. Think you’re too overweight to be a dancer? We will help you slim down- and it is ten times more fun than going to a gym. Or maybe you think you are too old. Don’t you know dancing keeps you young? With all the physical and mental benefits of dancing, there are always a thousand reasons to get out on the dance floor and get moving.

10.  “I don’t want to be a competitive ballroom dancer”

When people hear the phrase ballroom dance, they conjure up images of over the top costumes of sequins and feathers. If that is what you would like to accomplish with your dancing, we can help you get there but for most of our students, they just want to learn how to dance and be able to accept any dance invitation that comes their way.

Whatever your goals in taking dancing lessons may be, we will help you reach them. Whether you want to lose weight, or look like you could be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars or if you just want to be able to dance at a wedding or event, we will get you there. Think of your Arthur Murray instructor as your personal dance trainer. We will be here every step of the way to keep you motivated and get you to your goals! So if this is something you have always wanted to try, now is the time! Anyone can dance; the hardest step is just through the door.


About arthurmurraylive

Chris & Daisey Lynam are the owners of four Arthur Murray locations in California: Hayward, Livermore, Redwood City, and Walnut Creek. This blog is designed to feature students, professionals, and random dance information to brighten your day, and, occasionally, improve your dancing.

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